donderdag 1 augustus 2013

Jette Stream met Magic Panda live & 4hours Spastik crazyness!!!

Hi all you partypeepz,

This friday s gonna be HOT!  We expect full sunshine, 35 degrees or even more, so we thought ..... maybe a good id for a crazy party :-)
We start the weekend early at Jette Stream with a live performance of Magic Panda (uk) who's gonna present his newest baby!  Spastik will be playing a crazy 4 hours set that will take you on a trip whith lots of lovely harmonic landscapes :-)
We start early, makes the coctail more sunny  & the night young!

At 5 in the afternoon, i hope to see you all on our FREE dancefloor :-)

Place to be: Jette Stream, Kardinaal Mercier plein 1, Jette

Take care,

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