woensdag 9 juni 2010

It's Quiet Now "RIP Machine"

It’s quiet now

And as I think my thoughts alone

I try to keep my head straight

But I think I’m too far gone

For in the silence

A truth rings even louder

A constant grinding, begging recognition of its power

Through its eyes I take the trip,

Destiny: the place

Of pain and pleasure absolute,

where sorrow has a face

A place of time, where spirit,

asked to stand and hold its ground,

has lost its equilibrium

and is slowly sinking down.

Down into the darkness

that the lack of will affords.

Down into the shadows,

past the junkies, past the whores.

Down into the mire,

suffocating all that lives

But if I say I care, I lie,

for I have no more left to give

Well I s’pose a hand would help.

Oh yeah there’s no-one here.

Guess that’s what I wanted.

Once again my greatest fear -

I just longed to hear a bird’s song

Just to let me know there’s light,

but as we all know

a songbird never sings its song at night.

But it’s quiet now.

A thought, a subtle image,

comes creeping round again.

A vision, clear as day

projects onto my lens.

If my little heart pounds in hope

for once all hope's not lost,

but even as I try I find

the truth demands a cost

exacted from my soul,

my only means of recompense,

taken as a toll -

for even knowledge charges rent -

removed from me without consent.

I’m now a hole to fill,

compounded by the fact

that I hear the grinding still.

The darkness, sure and silent,

grows fast beyond my reach.

A ray of light has not a chance -

the shadows can’t be breached.

A fight ensues: and all is waged,

until the end has come.

A battle, to the death

pits the father against his son.

But now I ask the guide,

of this my final fate

as I’m lead into the sound,

I hear the closing of the gate.

The silence I once feared,

at last my final end.

The silence I once hated,

has become my only friend .


It’s quiet now

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