dinsdag 2 maart 2010

9/3 Lektric at Machine (Raphael Klaps B-day Bash)

Oi peepz,

My partner in crime in our Club 106 show & also Lektric resident, Raphael Klaps, has something big to celebrate :-)

That's why we support him with a lot of damn good dj's to support his drunkness!


///22u00 - 24u00: CRISP vs. PILSNER (silenced) Masters of warm-up!

///24u00 - 01u00: COLLOGNE (v.o.s.)Up tempo house muziek!

///01u00 - 03u00: RAPHAEL KLAPS vs. DAN DROFF (silenced)Titten, Techno und Trompeten!!!

///03u00 - 04u00: SPASTIK (club 106) Back from Kohln with some amazing records!

///04u00 - ... : DNCL (ampt) Crazy music for crazy people :-)

Hope to see you all there!!! (Entrance is FREE)

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